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Alcohol Addiction Rehab in San Diego

Alcohol addiction is one of the top addiction issues we see here at Genesis Recovery. Alcohol is everywhere and readily available in every corner of the world, so we can see why alcohol addiction numbers run so high. Often it’s difficult for us to see through addiction and pinpoint where the addiction issues begin within ourselves and family or friends.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab in San Diego

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Addiction in any form is the inability of an individual to discontinue the use of a particular substance. The substance takes control over their daily lives and begins to have serious effects on personal relationships, responsibilities, and finances. Alcohol addiction can cause a series of serious physical illnesses such as heart, liver, pancreas, and mental disorders. Through acknowledgment and acceptance, we can realize this fact and learn to adapt our lifestyle to become more aware of triggers and the harmful side effects of this disease.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Steps

After we’ve become fully aware of our addiction issues, we must explore the reasons behind the addiction. Addictions can coincide with mental illness or severe trauma and it’s our priority to dig deeper into these issues through clinical treatments. Our counseling programs can help each client move through their past experiences and to define the moment where casual use turned to habitual self-medication and addiction.


Every treatment begins with detoxification to remove all harmful toxins from the body and any influence of the substance on our thought processes. Detoxification of alcohol is so important as a clear mind and open heart will help us to be more accepting of any treatment. Only when we are completely removed from the influence of alcohol can we truly understand how it affects us. Deep down, many of our clients understand that they have a serious problem but are unable to exhibit enough control to stop consumption.

Detox in a controlled environment is the key to beginning treatment for alcohol addiction and developing a recovery treatment plan. We don’t perform detoxification directly within our facility, but we do work with partner detox center referrals to begin the process. A team of qualified medical professionals make sure that the process is done safely and no medical complications occur. All of our referral detox centers are verified and licensed. Before beginning treatment at Genesis Recovery, detoxification is essential.

multi-faceted Treatment

After detoxification, we move to individual counseling with our team of therapists and counselors who will work with a client to discuss their addiction, previous methods of treatment or recovery, and their current lifestyle. Every client that enters the program at Genesis Recovery understands that our treatment program is based on the Christian faith and we tailor our therapies to this methodology. We believe in one higher power that is the focus of our system and using the 12-step modality. Faith brings people hope and forms the basis for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

12-Step Recovery

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are rooted in the belief of a higher power. As we learn to understand and reinforce this belief in God, we know that there is something greater. Our 12-step meetings are both a service to our peers in recovery and a cleansing. Through working the steps of recovery, we see that we have a responsibility to accept our illness and to grow from it. The steps keep us accountable to work through our recovery and resist the urge to consume addictive substances. We have a responsibility to God to live our best life and to protect the body that we were given.

At Genesis Recovery, we learn to appreciate the world and the life we were given. We learn to love and to cultivate our relationships with family, friends, and our faith. Our recovery is supplemented by our beliefs and through this anything is possible. Recovery is possible, we just have to believe in ourselves and have faith in a higher power to propel us forward. Genesis Recovery is a zero tolerance but supportive and safe environment that will help each client discover the root of their addiction and the skills they need to overcome it.

If you or a loved one need an alcohol addiction rehab in San Diego, please feel free to call Genesis Recovery and talk to one our knowledgeable and compassionate intake counselors today.

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