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About Genesis Recovery

A multifaceted treatment program

Genesis Recovery is a state-licensed, accredited, non­profit, drug and alcohol rehab in San Diego devoted to restoring the lives of men afflicted with the disease and lifestyle  of addiction. Our multifaceted approach to treatment draws from the most effective modalities available, including medication, clinical, 12-step, faith integration, education and community. Our long-term, highly structured addiction recovery program fosters individual growth and lasting recovery from problematic drug and alcohol use by fostering healing of the brain, body, thinking, relationships, and sense of worth and purpose. 

Our Approach to Treatment

Our Holistic Treatment Approach combines four distinct elements we have found to be imperative to achieve long-term sobriety:


A willingness to believe in a power greater than ourselves and consistent participation in faith-nurturing activities.

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Three-phase treatment approach addressing the biological, emotional, legal, social and spiritual consequences of alcohol and/or drug use.

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Ongoing participation in a 12-step program, consistently attending meetings and being of service through various commitments.

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Our established and expanding network across San Diego and surrounding counties allow us to share experience, strength and hope with countless others on the same path to permanent sobriety, strong relationships and fulfilling lives.

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We accept most major insurances, including: