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Cocaine Addiction Treatment in San Diego

Cocaine addiction is a serious disorder that affects approximately 14 percent of the country’s adult population. Although the cocaine high is short-lived, the health effects from cocaine use can last a lifetime. At Genesis Recovery, we provide a multi-faceted, 12-step program to help men restore their lives and free themselves of their addiction to cocaine. Located in a sanctuary east of San Diego, Genesis Recovery is a safe community center where residents can focus entirely on sobriety and determine a positive direction for their lives.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment in San Diego

What Is Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine can either be inhaled or injected into the bloodstream, with the duration of the high depending on the way the drug is administered. Snorting cocaine produces the longest high, but may not feel as strong as injecting or smoking it. The latter methods deliver the drug into the bloodstream more rapidly, creating a more intense but shorter high. Overall, a cocaine high may last between fifteen minutes and an hour.

Because of cocaine’s short-term effects, users maintain their high through binge behavior, by repeatedly taking the drug within a short amount of time. As they continue to binge, their need for the drug increases, resulting in the consumption of higher doses each time they binge. This fast-paced behavior can quickly lead to a cocaine addiction and a desire to obtain the drug regardless of any consequences. Individuals quickly drain their finances quickly focus entirely on the drug.

Why Do People Get Addicted to Cocaine?

Cocaine increases the dopamine levels in the synapses of the brain, which is the chemical primarily responsible for reward-motivated behavior. A fluctuation in dopamine is what is believed to cause the residual effects or “high” associated with cocaine use. Common effects of cocaine use include:

• Increased heart rate and body temperature
• Dilated pupils
• Rapid psychological effects
• Excessive talking and moving
• Inflated self-esteem
• Euphoric sensations
• Decreased appetite and weight loss
• Loss of sleep
• Gastrointestinal issues

Once the effects quickly dissipate, the symptoms of repeated cocaine use occur, resulting in anxiety, panic, confusion and the inability to concentrate. Unpleasant emotions often lead cocaine users to seek the drug repeatedly, which eventually restructures the brain’s reward system and creates addictive behavior. The brain will also begin to develop a tolerance for cocaine after its initial use, causing users to increase their dosage in order to achieve the same euphoric high. Prolonged cocaine use can cause ulcers, heart arrhythmia, kidney damage and can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment at Genesis Recovery

At Genesis Recovery, we work with individuals to create a comprehensive treatment approach that allows them to recover from their addictive disorder. No matter what stage of addiction you are in, we’ll create a model for recovery that works toward a more fulfilling life, and we will provide a community-oriented environment that advocates for your well-being.

Our methods include holistic, multi-faceted experiences that we believe promote the understanding of a higher power, and our techniques include Bible studies, meditation, prayer and weekly church services. We also employ a 12-step program that guides residents through a trusted path toward sobriety. Our team fully supports community members as they take part in recovery-related events in and around San Diego.

We use clinical treatment to help those suffering from cocaine addiction manage the physical, financial and legal complications that stem from addiction. Treatment ensures that the residents and their counselors establish short and long-term goals to make recovery an educational and reassuring experience.

Why Should You Join Genesis Recovery?

Our treatment methods are designed to provide individualized care for each resident, and no length of cocaine addiction is too much for us to treat. Each of our counselors are credentialed and dedicated to promote a life free from addiction. They also have experience working with individuals from various backgrounds to help them find a treatment method that works for them. Additionally, we require that all of our staff take part in continuing education courses to retain their knowledge and influence.

Our alumni are willing to share their own personal journeys in hopes that they encourage current residents to continue treatment. We nurture each resident and hold them accountable to their personal goals so that they may increase their holistic awareness and find life-long sobriety. Treatment schedules take on a moderate-intensity approach, with structured programs taking place five days per week and extracurricular actives dispersed throughout the day.

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If you are ready to seek cocaine addiction treatment in San Diego, contact Genesis Recovery today. Our San Diego treatment center can offer you the support you need to achieve a lifetime of recovery. Embark on a new journey and find fulfillment in life once again.

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