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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in San Diego

Our mission is to help restore the lives of individuals who have been broken by the disease of addiction by implementing a Spiritually Therapeutic Treatment Experience that combines faith­-based, 12­-step and clinical modalities.

What We Treat

At the Genesis program we treat the following addictions:


Alcohol addiction is one of the top addiction issues we see here at Genesis Recovery. Alcohol is everywhere and readily available in every corner of the world… Learn More >


Heroin is a highly addictive opiate drug that is usually injected into the veins. Heroin is popular because of its low cost but can be highly dangerous due to the risk of overdose… Learn More >


Whether or not you believe it, marijuana is an addictive substance. We see it every day when clients come in for rehabilitation from a drug that has a strong hold on their lives. Addiction doesn’t begin all at once… Learn More >


Cocaine addiction is a serious disorder that affects approximately 14 percent of the country’s adult population. Although the cocaine high is short-sighted… Learn More >

Prescription Drugs

At Genesis Recovery in San Diego, we treat a dynamic set of addictions concerning alcohol and prescription drugs. Many of the patients that we see are addicted to a combination of these substances… Learn More >


Abusing methamphetamine has many consequences, including chronic and compulsive behaviors that affect the user and their loved ones… Learn More >


Opiates are frequently prescribed by doctors to manage severe pain but can become addictive and cause physical and emotional challenges… Learn More >


As a free base version of cocaine, crack cocaine creates an intense but short-lived high, making it a highly addictive substance, and because it is inexpensive to produce… Learn More >



Benzodiazepine addiction can be complex and can include dangerously slowed heart rate or breathing. We use a multi-step process to identify, manage, and treat benzodiazepine addiction… Learn More >



Stimulants have legitimate medical uses, but can be habit-forming and addictive, especially when used recreationally. It’s important to address stimulant addiction proactively…. Learn More >

Treatment Options

At Genesis, we use a wide variety of evidence-based treatment approaches to help our clients overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Dual Diagnosis

There was a time when psychiatric conditions and substance abuse never shared the same billing. That is because it was reasoned that drug or alcohol addiction was a separate entity from a mental health disorder. The connection that a mental health disorder can enable an addiction, or that an addiction can enable a mental health disorder had not yet been made. Fast forward to today and drug addiction centers realize that co-occurring disorders can inhibit or suppress an individual’s full recovery. Contact Genesis Recovery to find dual diagnosis treatment in San Diego.