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Genesis Recovery: An Addiction Treatment Center in San Diego

Our mission is to help restore the lives of individuals who have been broken by the disease of addiction by implementing a Spiritually Therapeutic Treatment Experience that combines faith­-based, 12­-step and clinical modalities.

A Multifaceted Treatment Program

Genesis Recovery is a spiritual addiction treatment center in California. We provide individualized services specifically designed to meet our residents wherever they may be in their relationship with drugs and/or alcohol. Our facility and credentialed staff are equipped to treat alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, inhalant, and prescription abuse and dependence.

Our Approach to Treatment

Our own experiences, those of others who have achieved permanent sobriety, and scientific research have proven that successful recovery requires a multifaceted approach to treatment. We have combined these elements into the foundation of our program at Genesis Recovery: a relationship with a power greater than ourselves, participation in a 12-step recovery program, clinical treatment to address thinking patterns, trauma, relations, and coping skills and a strong community of others committed to long-term sobriety.


A willingness to believe in a power greater than ourselves and consistent participation in faith-nurturing activities.
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Three-phase treatment approach addressing the biological, emotional, legal, social and spiritual consequences of alcohol and/or drug use.
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Ongoing participation in a 12-step program, consistently attending meetings and being of service through various commitments.
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Our established and expanding network across San Diego and surrounding counties allow us to share experience, strength and hope with countless others on the same path to permanent sobriety, strong relationships and fulfilling lives.
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Our Team

Genesis Recovery is blessed with a treatment team comprised of licensed and credentialed staff, all Christian, some in recovery, and each of whom bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to those seeking an addiction treatment center in San Diego.

Tommy Hathorn

Tommy has been involved in the recovery community since 2004. His personal struggles with drug addiction left him homeless and facing a prison sentence earlier that same year. Tommy was given one more opportunity and he made the most of it by committing himself to the 12-step recovery model and accepting God into his daily life. 
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James Moore

James was born and raised in southern California and the oldest of three boys. He was blessed enough to have a hard-working single mother, that did her best to provide. After high school, James worked multiple jobs to pay his way through college…
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Dr. Julie Hayden, Psy.D.

Dr. Julie Hayden is a licensed psychologist (PSY24184), COO of Rhombus, Clinical Director of Rhombus Counseling, La Mesa Counseling, New Vision Counseling Center and Genesis Recovery. She is also the Chair of the San Diego MFT Consortium and
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