Whether or not you believe it, marijuana is an addictive substance. We see it every day when clients come in for rehabilitation from a drug that has a strong hold on their lives. Addiction doesn’t begin all at once, but in increments with marijuana. We understand that these addictions can come slowly and that when they are finally made aware of the one affected, and their families, it is often to the point where intervention is required. Marijuana has made waves in the media as it is being used in medical facilities and prescribed–by some physicians–to help ease certain ailments.

Why Marijuana is Addictive

No matter how you feel about the decision to provide this drug as a method of treatment, Marijuana, like any drug, is addictive in high doses. The argument that marijuana isn’t addictive has been a long-standing argument, but this argument was created before the amount of THC in marijuana strains today became higher than any in the past. Marijuana has become more and more addictive because of this new way of breeding increased percent strains in plants all over the world. The addiction comes with the raised percentage of marijuana because the more people use this drug, the more they need to get to that high they had once before.

Ways marijuana can be taken:

• Edibles (brownies, cakes, anything with marijuana cooked into it)
• It can be smoked through pipes, joints, bongs, masks, and pens (as liquid)

Common names for Marijuana:

• Kush
• Hash
• Weed
• Mary Jane
• Ganja
• Roach
• Reefer
• Grass

What is addiction?

Addictions form when too much of one substance or a combination of substances become the center of a person’s life. When the dependency on this addictive drug consumes your life, and nothing can satisfy this need they feel inside except for that thing; this is the first sign of addiction. Once someone realizes that they are addicted they’re in the thick of addiction. Addiction can come from drugs and alcohol to specific behaviors such as sex addiction, etc.

Addiction to marijuana can affect motor function from the way people drive, to the loss of memory, carelessness and complete disregard for anything that was once important in their lives. It’s important to understand that because of the availability and acceptance of this drug, the signs that you or your loved one is addicted may not be apparent at first glance.

Signs and symptoms of marijuana addiction:

• Lack of interest in life
• Inability to communicate with friends and family
• Isolation
• Red-eye coloring
• Slowed speech
• Too relaxed gait
• Low energy
• Heightened food cravings
• Motor function lowered
• Memory loss

These signs and symptoms that someone who is addicted to marijuana will start to exhibit will be likely on a daily basis. This drug has physical side effects so, often if a teenager or significant other is addicted and using, they will often hide away or avoid face to face contact. Many drugs like marijuana and others that are harder on the body and systems, will cause a person to begin pulling away from family events and social interaction for fear of being found out.

At Genesis Recovery, we understand that this drug may be a gateway to others and should be taken care of as soon as addiction sets in, hopefully before it becomes difficult to manage. This drug affects those who are suffering from depression, severe anxiety, and other concurring disorders or personal issues. It’s important that you are often involved with your family members and remain close, to gauge how someone is feeling on a daily basis to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.

Treatment for Marijuana at Genesis Recovery

When we speak to many of our clients and their family members in group therapy, we often hear that there is a cycle of constant back and forth before seeking out therapy options that are not effective. Both the family member and the addict struggle; the addict tries to continue their drug use with feelings of guilt and stress without success, and the family member can try to be supportive but ultimately becomes an enabler. We have a no tolerance policy at Genesis that runs through everything we do here because the only way to stop the dependency on marijuana addiction is to completely remove the temptation. Recovery programs at Genesis are the most successful as we offer 12-step programs specific for each drug, marijuana in this case and stress the importance of removing any supplementing behavior and the environment.

Family Therapy

This program helps our clients bring in their family members to help them continue sober living and an active social lifestyle that doesn’t include marijuana. During these sessions, we get to the core of addiction, how it began and what contributes to the need for marijuana use. The more support a family gives to those affected by marijuana addiction, the more successful their family member will be to continue living well and free of marijuana.

Marijuana can become addictive if treatment isn’t put into place; recovery is possible. Call Genesis Recovery in San Diego at 619-717-7319 to learn more about our unique treatment programs.