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Individual Therapy for Addiction in Lakeside

Individual Therapy for Addiction in Lakeside

One-on-one counseling or individual therapy is a collaborative process between a professional therapist and a person in therapy. One-on-one counseling is an opportunity for a person to face life’s difficulties with the support of a professional. It is an invitation to learn more about oneself. Many people seek individual therapy to discuss a variety of mental health issues and learn to heal from their past with the purpose of living a full life. Individual therapy works in conjunction with group and family therapy.

Due to the personal nature of one-on-one counseling, there is no “one size fits all” treatment method. Counselors tailor their approach by being flexible and modifying their treatment according to the needs and concerns of the client. The therapists at Genesis are specialized in addiction and have additional training and experience with the therapy models that work best for addiction.

When should I seek help?

This is a common question we receive regarding the timing of seeking treatment.

When Dr. Yi hears this question, she typically responds by asking, “If you continued to live your life the same way for the rest of your life, would you be happy?”  Usually when people are wondering if they should try therapy, they are looking for a change in their life. The most common timing is initiated by family members who care about the person in addiction and see the destruction it is having on their life and others around them. If you are reading this now, it is highly likely you or the person you care about needs help now.

How can I find a quality counselor?

One of the most important factors about individual counseling is finding someone you can trust.  Our staff and therapists here at Genesis have proven themselves, their value, and their consistency over many years.  Our counselors frequently participate in training and certifications to stay informed on the best evidence-based treatments for addictions. Our counselors are also sought-after to provide this training due to their plethora of knowledge in this field.

What does one-on-one counseling look like?

Individuals meet with trained professional therapists that provide clinical knowledge and perspective on their experiences. Typical sessions last for 50 minutes in an office setting. We value getting to know an individual and their story. Building a trusting relationship may take time and our counselors understand the importance of walking alongside a person as they seek help. As a person trusts the therapist, the life events and difficulties that may have led to or resulted from the addiction surface and are strategically processed. This allows a  person to rewrite their story and become stronger and ready for the next chapter of their story.

We find that some people find it difficult to openly share details about their life. This is a normal response to speaking with a stranger.  Our counselors are trained to help you gain confidence and feel comfortable by providing a safe space for you to share. There also may be times when you feel big emotions by crying, getting angry, or frustrated. Counselors are present to support you with your feelings.

At Genesis, we value the confidentiality of all of our clients. Our state-of-the-art computer systems allow us to protect the confidentiality of our clients and keep our staff accountable. There are exceptions to the limits of confidentiality.  Counselors will only break confidentiality when there are safety issues, required by law, or with the permission of the client for the purpose of treatment. Further questions regarding the  limits of confidentiality can be discussed during individual sessions.

What are typical results of one-on-one therapy?

One-on-one counseling can provide you with a way to change how you process life experiences. Counseling cannot change your past but it can change how you respond. Like any good, lasting change, therapy can take time and there is no quick fix. We encourage our clients to take an active role in their treatment by consistently showing up, having open and honest communication, and practicing what they have learned outside of the sessions. Contact Genesis Recovery today if you are looking for individual therapy for addiction in Lakeside, CA.

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