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Addiction Rehab Center in La Mesa

Genesis Recovery is a holisticly centered rehab center for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our mission is to help all of those trapped within these unhealthy lifestyles so that they can live free of depression, family trouble, financial issues and ultimately obtain permanent sobriety.

What We Offer

In addition to our multi-faceted platform that promises a strong connection to all of those involved in your recovery process, we provide the latest evidence- based treatments that are successful. We offer a safe and nurturing environment within our addiction treatment center that can help to inspire those in recovery to engage actively with their peers and counselors during therapy and activities. Community involvement and social engagement are layered throughout each customized treatment plan. Communication and self-love alongside the belief that a higher power is at work will help our clients move beyond the need for addiction and look to love. If you are searching for an addiction rehab center in La Mesa, contact Genesis Recovery today.

What We Treat

At the Genesis program we treat the following addictions:

Dual Diagnosis

There was a time when psychiatric conditions and substance abuse never shared the same billing. That is because it was reasoned that drug or alcohol addiction was a separate entity from a mental health disorder. The connection that a mental health disorder can enable an addiction, or that an addiction can enable a mental health disorder had not yet been made. Fast forward to today and drug addiction centers realize that co-occurring disorders can inhibit or suppress an individual’s full recovery.
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