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5 Stages of Bruce Tuckman’s Theory

Here at Genesis Recovery, groups are a pivotal part of growth and change within an individual and as a community. For my first blog post I would like to explain the five stages of Bruce Tuckman’s theory which are categorized by various traits ranging from the beginning of an individual’s exposure to a group, all

More than Addiction…

The problem is sin. If you made it past the first sentence congratulations. Rest assured that this will not be a sermon. The clinical staff at Genesis Recovery would like to share with you some of the life lessons we have learned in our more than 50 years of sobriety and practice. What separates us,

Finding God Saved Me From My Addiction

I’ve struggled with addiction my entire adult life. While going in and out of rehabs became a norm for me, facing the consequences of drug use was never enough for me to learn. Until finally, enough was enough! Although I have very loving and successful parents, there came a point where they couldn’t handle putting