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More than Addiction…

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More than Addiction…

Written by Genesis Recovery

The problem is sin. If you made it past the first sentence congratulations. Rest assured that this will not be a sermon. The clinical staff at Genesis Recovery would like to share with you some of the life lessons we have learned in our more than 50 years of sobriety and practice. What separates us, we believe, is our desire to merge clinical, holistic and 12 steps in one curriculum. Most addiction counselors and those in 12 step programs understand that the problem of addiction goes deeper than just the drugs and alcohol. It even goes deeper than the issues we develop from our family of origin.

The problem is sin! What we cannot see in this world is the holistic battle that rages just beyond this physical realm in which we reside. Being part of a multi-faceted treatment center we at Genesis, have the privilege, and frustration, of seeing the battle of addiction for what it is: a daily holistic battle that goes on for a man’s (and woman’s) soul. Of course, we, the clinical staff at Genesis, understand the need to deal with issues such as grief and loss, codependency, the trauma that accompanies emotional, physical and sexual abuse, as well as dual diagnoses; but if you get right down to it, the problem is sin. Since man (and woman) decided to question God’s will for their lives, we, as a people, have fallen short of the glory that God has for our lives. This ‘falling short’ and its effects have been passed down from generation to generation. Exodus 20:5 discusses how the consequences of sin, specifically fathers and mothers turning away from God, will be visited down to the 3rd and 4th generation.

This may sound harsh, but it is a consequence of sin in the world and it is something that we see daily. My father’s father was an alcoholic as was my father. It should not come as a surprise that I became an alcoholic and addict. My father neglected his duty as a father as did his father. We, as children, model what is modeled for us.

Thankfully, our God is a loving God who is always ready to break the cycle of sin, and thus addiction, if we turn to him and ask for His forgiveness. Of course, after receiving forgiveness, sobriety requires certain steps of action, which is where the 12 steps come in. At Genesis Recovery, our highly trained staff takes the 12 steps and with them combines them with clinical treatment and faith to provide the most comprehensive foundation for success.

At Genesis Recovery, we believe in our Residents working the 12 step program, we understand the need to navigate the mental health issues clinically, but ultimately we recognize that the root is sin and that it is God who is going to provide the sobriety. And He does!!

By Carl Culver

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