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Long-Term Drug Rehab

Long-Term Drug Rehab

Benefits of Long-Term Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab (90 + days)

The most important factor in successful recovery is whether the patient feels confident in their ability to overcome their dependency on drugs or alcohol. This can take any amount of time, from a few months to several years. No single addiction treatment is appropriate for everyone because substance abuse affects each person differently. Because there is no limit on recovery time, the focus should be on the patient’s progress and not on how many days they have been in treatment. While it might be frustrating to hear that there is no guaranteed timeline that works for everyone, longer programs have been proven to be more effective for most people.

Normally patients feel more comfortable in long-term treatment programs because it provides them time to heal. Recovery itself is a dynamic process that makes demands of the patient in terms of coping strategies, which can be stressful. Long-term treatment can better break the cycle of dependence, as it provides a positive space, full of resources to stay sober for an extended period of time. Without any distractions or outside interferences, the patient can better focus on their recovery and sobriety. The patient can experience their life free of substances and receive continuous support from the community at one of the best rehabs in California. We are dedicated to helping each patient recover. Learning to enjoy life without substance use and developing long-lasting and healthy relationships often requires more than just short-term treatment.

Long-term treatment also helps the patient focus on identifying and eliminating destructive habits and behavior patterns. This goes beyond simply staying sober, requiring an understanding of the patient’s internal challenges and ways to deal with them without the use of drugs or alcohol. Drug addiction is complex, and the patient will need to adjust many facets of their daily life to fit. At the same time, they will need to understand—and implement—the necessary changes to their lives. This may require months of treatment, time, and effort.

Abuse of drugs or alcohol can tremendously impair the mental and physical well-being of a patient. For example, drug abuse affects multiple brain circuits, such as the brain’s reward center, and regions of the brain responsible for controlling behavior, learning, and memory. Over time, the effects of prolonged drug use compromise an individual’s ability to make decisions. Consequently, seeking and consuming drugs will become compulsive. Drug abuse and addiction can increase a person’s risk for other physical and mental illnesses, and even cause dysfunctional behaviors that interfere with their normal role in the family, workplace, and community. It is important to devote a large amount of time to treatment so that the patient can retrain their brain and overcome their addiction.

Drug addiction can disrupts many aspects of an individual’s life, which is why addiction treatment is not simple. A long-term addiction treatment program provides an extended period of rest and care that may be necessary to restore the patient to full health. Effective drug rehab programs incorporate many components. Some goals of treatment include strengthening self-confidence and coping skills, improving life satisfaction, connecting the patient to proactive activities such as 12-Step programs, and fortifying supportive relationships with family and friends. Patients normally need long-term care to achieve their ultimate goal of sobriety and recovery. The necessary changes in lifestyle for sober living require time to solidify. Overcoming the consequences of addiction and alcoholism requires constant vigilance and awareness. Long-term addiction treatment is the most effective in ensuring a successful recovery.

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