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Short-Term Drug Rehab

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Short-Term Drug Rehab

Written by Genesis Recovery

Advantages and Disadvantages of Short-Term Addiction Treatment Centers (30 days or less)

While drug dependency and addiction are increasing across the nation, there are many successful addiction rehabilitation centers in California that help their patients overcome addiction and achieve a life of sobriety using a variety of different treatment lengths. The two primary options for rehab are long-term and short-term treatment. Short-term treatment provides a chance to become sober without requiring a long-term commitment. At the end of a 30-day treatment program, patients may continue onto a longer program, transition into an outpatient program, or get involved in an aftercare program to help maintain their sobriety.

At the Genesis Recovery rehab center in San Diego, short-term treatment is offered to individuals ready to take the steps toward a sober life. Although short-term treatment is only 30 days, it has its advantages. In comparison to long-term treatment, short-term is usually less expensive and a more affordable method of recovery. It is also less time-consuming and can be less disruptive to the patient’s life. This option is especially beneficial to parents who have children or families and cannot commit to long-term treatment. A shorter time spent in rehabilitation means that the patient spends less time away from their personal life, job, friends, and family.

There are a few disadvantages to short-term treatment, primarily that the patient spends less time in recovery. Some patients require a full two weeks just to overcome their withdrawal stage. During withdrawal, it is hard for the patient to focus on their recovery and make the changes they need for sobriety, potentially preventing long-term change from happening and increasing their risk of relapse in the future. This can cause frustration afterwards, and even result in the patient returning to rehab.

Before the patient enrolls in short-term treatment, they need to be certain it is the right type of rehab program for them. Individuals that have suffered from long-term dependency may not be able to get all the benefits of rehab that they need in such a brief amount of time. In some cases, it might not be reasonable to expect the patient to recover in 30 days. It is crucial that the patient considers their addiction and is willing to admit if a longer program is necessary.

Short-term treatment programs are often a good starting point for individuals struggling with addiction. It may be difficult to commit to a long-term program and most individuals are reluctant to do so. However, a 30-day program is short enough so that individuals that are otherwise unwilling might agree to participate. Although it is a shorter program, it still provides time for the patient to detoxify and begin to get used to a sober lifestyle. It establishes a strong foundation to change their mindset, learn how to overcome their addiction, and apply what they have learned after their rehab program is over.

If you are interested in a 30-day rehabilitation program, consider looking into the Genesis treatment center and rehab locations to start your search. A rehab program lasting only 30 days is a relatively short time commitment, but the payoffs of sobriety are lifelong. Sometimes a short-term program is exactly what an addict needs to begin their path to sobriety.

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