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Haven's Testimonial

Haven's Testimonial

Over the years I have made countless attempts to quit drinking.  I was plagued with endless conflicts with my wife, total isolation, and feelings of worthlessness.  I was unable to be effective in the work place. Due to my pride and unwillingness to admit that I had a problem, I lost my job with a company that was willing to fully support and pay for treatment. Moreover, I was facing divorce and the loss of my children unless I could get sober.

I continued to drink and hate myself.  Asking God daily, "Who am I?  Why can’t I just stop?"  I've always known who God is.  I knew in my heart that I needed divine intervention.  At work one day, several hundred miles from home, I woke up in my hotel room with a strange feeling.  It was an intense feeling of stress and discomfort; like being homesick for the first time in a long time.  All I could do was pray throughout the day and cry.  The feeling never lifted.  I called my wife, I had not spoken to her in weeks.  It turns out that she had yet to give up on me.  She continued to pray for a miracle in our lives.  She had all of our church campuses praying for me.  After hearing this I broke down even harder, more cries and more praying continued.  Two words rang out in my head, "It's Time!"

I started going to church and surrendered to a hard truth.  If left alone, to my own devices, I would be dead very soon.  I openly expressed that I needed help, knowing that only God and professional aid would work.  I agreed to go wherever God guided me.  Closing all doors to other treatment centers, He quickly pointed me towards Genesis Recovery.  It was clear to us that Genesis was the right place.  However, we were met with the obstacle of paying for it.  Our insurance didn't cover this type of treatment.  My wife and I tried to raise money but were only able to bring in a very small portion of the costs.  We were getting discouraged, realizing that we were not going to come close to raising enough money.  That all changed after a few phone conversations with James and Dennis at Genesis Recovery.

On Friday, April 13, 2018 we still didn't have nearly enough money.  James and Dennis told me to show up on Monday with my bags packed.  They brought me in and explained to me that because of amazing people and their gracious donations, Genesis would be able to give me a scholarship for the remaining balance.  I would be able to receive the help I so desperately needed.

Daily, I put my trust in the care of God and Genesis Recovery.  Daily, I am getting stronger.  My mental, holistic and physical health are rapidly coming back.  Relationships are being restored.  I am committed and inspired to do the work laid out in front of me.  I have developed peace along with an understanding that sobriety is a value and that a sober mind will bring me face to face with the man that I was born to be.

With a humble and grateful heart, I wish to thank all of the generous people who gave their hard-earned money so that lives and families can be restored.  I will forever be blessed by the selfless contributions to Genesis Recovery.  Thank You!


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