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James Moore, Business Development

James was born and raised in southern California and the oldest of three boys. He were blessed enough to have a hard-working single mother, that did her best to provide. After high school, James worked multiple jobs to pay his way through college. Attending Cuyamaca Community College as well as San Diego State University. During his senior year of college, James found drugs and a life of crime. James later dropped out and explored what he would label as “a dark side of life”. After numerous years of destroying his mind, body, life and anyone else’s life in his path, James came to a crossroad. One of the roads lead to death or prison. The other road lead to where he is today. Through the support of mentors, like Tommy and Genesis Recovery, today James is out of the dark; honest and free. He is a proud husband and father to three beautiful girls, took the time to go back to school and finished what I started and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice as well as a Christian Substance Abuse Counselor Certification. Today James uses his entrepreneur and leadership skills to help restore the lives of other men.