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How to Live with an Addict

Living with an addict is hard and at times it may even come to the point of being impossible. Addicts tend to at one point or another be consumed by their addiction which means that their behavior starts to incorporate more lying, manipulation, emotional abuse, and stealing, all of which are detrimental to a healthy

Why Do People Use Heroin?

For people who do not suffer from the disease of addiction, understanding why a loved one wants to start using, or continues to use, heroin can be confusing. Heroin is a drug derived from morphine and users experience its high from it rapidly binding to the brain’s natural opioid receptors, especially those that are responsible for things such as pain, pleasure, heart rate, breathing, and sleeping

What To Do If You Have A Drinking Problem

A drinking problem can sometimes be hard to diagnose for a variety of reasons, especially if it’s not one that is personally experienced by you. In fact, many people, either themselves or someone they know, are affected by a drinking disorder. According to a national 2015 study, 15.1 million adults from the ages of 18