To encourage this spiritual experience, we create opportunities for residents to develop and nurture their individual faith experience through our structured Spiritually Therapeutic Treatment Approach. By exposing residents consistently to spiritually-focused activities, such as prayer and meditation, bible studies, weekly church service and our bonfire meeting, residents develop their own understanding of, and relationship with, a power greater than themselves.

Understanding the Importance of Faith and Spirituality

Faith-based recovery allows residents to find meaning in their daily lives, and catalyzes their return to a strong, healthy mind and body. This type of recovery places emphasis on learning new spiritual disciplines such as prayer and meditation, study of Scripture and service to others. These activities are opportunities to gain power where there was none. Prayer gives residents the opportunity to commune with the source of the miracle of recovery and meditation creates time to focus quietly on positive thoughts rather than negative thinking common in early sobriety which, over time, transforms and renews the mind. The study of Scripture calibrates our morals and direction while giving residents a glimpse into the character and attributes of a loving God. Service to others provides an opportunity to selflessly focus on the needs of others while building self-esteem. Genesis Recovery residents participate in service events such as volunteering at church and regular homeless outreaches. Combining and maintaining these spiritual disciplines over time creates new healthy habits and replaces past unhealthy lifestyles that fueled addiction.

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals contributes additional support during recovery. Together, the residents can create a calm, caring environment for each other, especially during prayer, Bible studies, and church services in which they receive support through group participation, and seek guidance from an acknowledged greater power. Meditation, mindfulness, and other relaxation techniques can be done in a group as well, or alone. These practices can improve self-care, coping skills, and create a sacred space for expression. Designating a sacred space can hold a special meaning for residents; it raises self-awareness, and encourages connections to God and the people around them. Overall, these spiritual experiences create a solid foundation to support the resident’s recovery.

Embracing spirituality and embarking on a faith-based recovery provides unique social and emotional support for the residents, as well as the opportunity to create a sacred space and bring extra meaning in their lives. Each resident can find strength through their faith during their recovery process, and achieve a feeling of balance and peace.

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