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Rock Recovery

Rock Recovery is a strong fellowship of men and women who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Rock Recovery is a recovery ministry that serves all of San Diego County and welcomes any and all visitors who would like to participate. Drug rehabs in San Diego, alcohol treatment centers in San Diego and members of Alcoholics Anonymous are all supporters of Rock Recovery. Residents of Genesis Recovery and the sober living Soledad House attend Rock Recovery meetings several days per week and the community is always growing.

These groups are populated with both people from San Diego rehab centers and members of the public. Several of the Rock Recovery groups are similar to 12 step meeting formats, which consist of reading from the Recovery Bible and an open discussion. On Friday night, Rock Recovery meets for a bonfire at De Anza Cove in the Pacific Beach area. At the Rock Recovery bonfire, the recovery community strengthens its bonds, followed by an individual sharing their own experience, strength and hope. On Sundays you will find the members attending church at the Rock Church East County, The Rock Church San Diego, and The Rock Church City Heights.

Spiritual growth and the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous go hand-in-hand. These 12-step programs provide those suffering from addiction with a new design for living. The 12 steps are meant to bring an individual closer to God to fill the void that drugs and alcohol once filled. Attending church and Bible study can give one a better understanding of their relationship with God and strengthen their spiritual connection. Anyone who has been sober for a considerable amount of time will share that it takes a lot of work, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. By combining spiritual development groups along with 12-step programs, the recovering alcoholic/addict can experience a well-rounded recovery.

A wise man once said: “Who do you think has a better chance of staying sober? The person who only attends AA meetings? The person who only attends church? Or the person who attends both?”

Check out our calendar for times and listings of our Rock Recovery events.