Rebekah Clement, RADT-I, AOD Counselor

Rebekah Clement, AOD Counselor at Genesis Recovery

Rebekah is an Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) counselor at Genesis Recovery, where she demonstrates a commitment to assisting clients in recognizing their strengths and building their relationship with God to cultivate those strengths. Utilizing an evidence-based approach to counseling, Rebekah works closely with everyone she serves to provide compassionate, client-centered counseling services. Rebekah takes part in facilitating various therapeutic groups, individual counseling sessions, and exploration of spiritual, mental and emotional barriers that have held clients back from sustained recovery. 

Rebekah obtained her Associate’s Degree in Advanced Behavioral Health and is currently gaining her hours for her Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Certification through the state of California. During her 8 years working both in the Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis field, she has had the honor of working alongside diverse populations including adolescents suffering from both substance abuse and severe mental health disorders, adult domestic violence offenders, and those who are currently homeless or have been deemed a ward of the state. Due to the years she spent struggling with her own addiction and being given the grace through those in recovery, Rebekah believes there is no such thing as too many chances and shows a “never quit” mentality and spirit to whom she serves. Above all, Rebekah believes in the transformative power of a personal relationship with Christ and that dedicated work in and through the 12 steps can and has provided freedom, joy and a restored way of life in recovery.