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Michele Hodelin, LCSW, ACSW, Clinical Director

Michelle Hodelin

Michele has been a licensed certified social worker since 1991 being licensed in New York, Florida, and California.  Over the course of these 30 years as a social worker, Michele’s primary focus has been on the chemically dependent populations.  In New York she was the Director of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment program in the New York State Department of Corrections.  In Florida she was the Clinical Director for a free-standing psychiatric hospital serving those with primary chemical dependency, primary mental health, and dual focused populations with both a substance abuse disorder as well as a mental health disorder.  In California, prior to joining Genesis Recovery, Michele was the Director of Outpatient Services in a chemical dependency outpatient clinic and then as the Director of Social Services in a free-standing psychiatric hospital serving those same populations as mentioned above – chemically dependent, mentally ill, and dually diagnosed.  Michele has a real passion for working with this population and truly values the addition of the Spirituality of the Genesis Program.  She has an honest and real relationship with God and loves to be able to incorporate the faith and trust she has found with the subsequent blessings she has experienced.  Through much hardship and turmoil, Michele’s relationship with God has brought her from the darkness into His light.  She is very happy being a part of the Genesis family.