Jarret Keith, AOD Counselor

Jarret joined the Genesis Recovery team in 2020 as an AOD Counselor. As a youth, Jarret’s life spiraled out of control through addiction, which eventually led to him being incarcerated with a Life sentence at the age of 19. During his incarceration Jarret experienced a spiritual transformation by the gospel of Jesus Christ and he began his journey of personal recovery. He earned various college degrees and academic achievements, became a certified AOD counselor, and began serving others with his gained knowledge and skills; facilitating and developing multiple rehabilitative programs, as well as leading in the teaching ministry of the church inside, all while never knowing if he would ever be free again.

After 15 years of incarceration Jarret was blessed with his freedom and has continued to serve his community since returning home. Jarret has worked as an AOD counselor, as a Life Coach for The Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) providing rehabilitative and reentry services for individuals that are currently and formerly incarcerated, as a program coordinator with the Los Angeles Archdiocese where he developed and implemented a restorative justice curriculum for the California Department of Corrections, he has served in multiple criminal justice reform and prison ministry efforts, and is currently earning a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Jarret is an advocate for gospel centered justice who serves with the conviction that God can make a testimony of restoration and hope in anyone’s life.