Genesis Recovery awarded Best Christian Workplace Award

At Genesis Recovery San Diego we utilize the most comprehensive and effective models for treating and supporting individuals who are suffering from addictive disorders.

We provide individualized services specifically designed to meet the resident wherever they may be in their relationship with drugs and/or alcohol. Our facility and credentialed staff are equipped to treat alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, inhalant, and prescription abuse and dependence.

Our personal experiences and the stories of others who have achieved permanent sobriety have proven that successful recovery requires four key elements. We have combined those elements as the foundation of our program at Genesis Recovery San Diego: a relationship with a power greater than ourselves, participation in a 12-step recovery program, clinical treatment and a strong community of others committed to long term sobriety. We call this foundation our Spiritually Therapeutic Treatment Experience.

In an effort to foster long term recovery, heal relationships, nurture personal accountability and experience spiritual growth, our Spiritually Therapeutic Treatment Program is focused on clinical, 12­-step and spiritual modalities that teach the skills and attitudes needed to recover from debilitating and damaging thinking and behaviors. Read more about our Spiritually Therapeutic Treatment Experience by visiting The Experience section of our website.