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Life on Life’s Terms

My grandmother passed away yesterday morning. She had just turned 97 years old. Her mind was still sharp but her body had been deteriorating pretty rapidly during the last few years. She had macular degeneration in her eyes to the point of not being able to read or watch TV anymore. Her hearing was significantly

Why Are Drugs So Addictive?

Many people can have a hard time understanding why drug addicts have difficulty in quitting drugs, despite the major life consequences that follow from their use. It would seem logical that if the use of a substance is causing a lot of issues in someone’s life that they should just stop using the substance. However,

Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy (Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy) was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Young and is best defined as an integrative approach to mental health treatment that combines the most productive aspects of cognitive-behavioral, psychoanalytical, interpersonal and experiential therapies into one collective model. Schema therapy is most known for helping people to change pervasive negative or maladaptive thinking

Adderall Abuse

In my early days of struggling with heroin, I decided to go see a psychiatrist who was an “addiction specialist”. He had been recommended by a friend. During my first appointment with him, he prescribed me heavy doses of both Klonopin and Adderall. I hadn’t even asked or gone there seeking drugs. I took the

How Does Drug Rehab Work?

Many people have heard the term “rehab” before but few actually understand what it really means. This can be a difficult topic to address as rehabs tend to vary depending on where the treatment is being received and also in the programs they offer for the different stages of recovery. For individuals suffering from an

Romantic Relationships: Recovery Pitfalls, Part III

This is part three of the recovery pitfall series and it’s all about romantic relationships. Compared to working out and money, romantic relationships are more likely to cause problems for a recovering addict. More than physical appearance and material wealth, relationships affect our hearts, egos, and sense of self-worth. In rehab and in the rooms