Ocean Beach, California is located in close proximity to San Diego. It is an interesting area that offers fun things to do, experience, and see. People, work, live, and play in one of the country’s most favorable climates. Today, the area offers one of the most popular and difficult surf spots in Southern California. Like any town or city in the nation, there are people who silently suffer from drug addiction.

Addiction can be an anchor that pulls a person’s life down to deep depths of despair and anguish. For many, it is a nightmare that may seem to have no ending. However, once the decision is made to see clinical rehab help, there is a light that appears at the end of the tunnel. That light represents hope that an addicted life can be redeemed. Genesis Recovery believes that every addicted individual deserves a second chance at life. This is why comprehensive programs are aimed at helping adults and children to get their lives back on track.

The Value of a Dedicated and Credentialed Staff

Staff members, from psychiatrists and psychologists to nurses and maintenance support, are the best at what they do. Genesis Recovery patients are guaranteed to get the very best support and care offered in the industry. The first miracle in drug rehab healing is when an individual makes the effort to contact the facility and enroll in the rehab program. Intake specialists are thorough, and will gather as much medical information about the client as possible.

This includes past medical records, a questionnaire about their present drug habits, and even their family history. Then, a comprehensive medical and psychological exam is given to access their present physical state and to discover any co-occurring mental illnesses. A patient can successfully navigate detox and rehab, and then relapse in the future if there is an underlying condition left untreated.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The golden rule is that no two addictions are exactly alike. Therefore, no two treatment plans should be exactly alike. The treatment center can provide an individualized treatment plan for each person. Treatments offered entail inpatient or outpatient modalities, depending on severity of the patient’s addiction. Inpatient support requires patients to reside at the facility for the duration of their treatment where they can expect around-the-clock medications and clinical support during detox. The outpatient program is just as effective but allows patients to return home at the end of their daily rehab session. These patients have proven their addiction is under reasonable control. While they certainly have more freedom, outpatients are expected to follow their doctor’s orders to the letter and to refrain from any activity that may lead to relapse. Patients are screened to make sure they remain abstinent.

In either program, patients receive the very best psychiatric and counseling care their program can offer. The approach is also taken that detox and rehab are only parts of an integral program. Addicted individuals also have mental disorders that need to be addressed for a full recovery to take place.

Exceptional Therapies

One-on-one therapies can address and treat underlying causes for addiction. Once these are discovered and addressed, patients can begin to make the connection between their past thinking and their present situation. Underlying causes of addiction can include post-traumatic stress, challenging relationships, depressions, irrational anxieties and fears, loss of loved ones, pain that is both emotional and physical, pressures associated with careers, and much more.

Regaining Purpose

Therapies can also address the benefits of finding purpose in life. Purpose can work wonders in a person’s life. Addictions have the capability of turning a person’s drive and focus to nothing but their addictive substance. Such substance can include, but are not limited to, meth, cocaine, heroin, or prescription pills to name a few.

Detox and rehab are essential, and patients will one day exit their program. However, no rehab program is complete without aftercare and follow-up. Aftercare can help bridge the gap between leaving one’s program and re-entering life. Every patient will have to return to life and face many of the triggers that enabled their addiction in the first place. Life is the testing field for patients to put their new coping skills to work.

When there are challenges, aftercare and counseling are always available. Patients are also encouraged to affiliate with groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to bond with others who can support and encourage their sobriety. Recovery for some is a lifelong struggle. However, life is a terrible thing to waste, and a patient’s effort to regain control of his or her life through drug rehab will be worth it in the end.